Saturday Thoughts...Tired of Cooking?


Ever just get tired of cooking?  Even food bloggers do.  During the holiday season my husband's present to me is to take me out for a restaurant meal or two.  One of my favorites is Tasos' in Oskaloosa, Iowa, just off the square.  It's a very popular steakhouse that our family enjoys too.  Every booth and table was filled at the noon hour in their large double-building dining area when we visited this week on a Tuesday, and the line extended out the door.  
While we were at Tasos' this week, we looked over the menu board, although we usually order my favorite…an 8 ounce ribeye steak sandwich on grilled Texas Toast that we split while we each have a cup of soup with it.  The steak is perfectly cooked every time, tender and mouthwatering, probably seasoned mostly by a grill that works hard every day.  
But I was amused that we knew we were in rural Iowa…the vegetable was “Cream corn” and the appetizer special was Spicy corn nuggets.  The dessert board was to the right of the menu board…pie, pie, pie and cheesecake.  The "Beyond Meat Burger" was probably a concession to the local college crowd.  
Lots of personal service, people who recognize you and seem happy you’re there, plenty of customers you may know…decent prices…that’s Iowa.


  1. It's wonderful having a good restaurant near home.

  2. That sounds like a place I would enjoy! 8.29 for a roast beef sandwich/side is a really good deal! I have never heard of a corn nugget. It must be like a corn fritter? Reader in MN

    1. I would guess like a corn fritter...we didn't try them. We usually get too much to eat without appetizers!

  3. Looks like a very nice eating establishment along being a big Hawkeyes fan from the looks of the wall with all the photos and banners. Seeing the speakers up there on the wall; I bet they even play / listen to the Iowa games on radio for all the Iowa Hawkeye fans that come in to grab a bite to eat.
    Depending what part of the country you are from, but corn nuggets are also called fritters; they are deep fried and very easy to make filled with whole corn and / or creamed corn.

  4. Yes I am! Hubby and I are heading out to eat Chinese!Hahaa
    Have a super day!


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