Saturday Thoughts...Holiday Salad


We like broccoli salad, and this is an especially nice one – very festive for the buffet.  I had some mixed dried fruit with nuts too, so I substituted that for the mixed fruit and almonds.   Fresh, in season, pretty…perfect.  I served it in my favorite $5 flea market compote.                                                   
Broccoli Salad
  1 ½    Pounds  Fresh Broccoli
  1        Cup  Mayonnaise
  2        Tablespoons  Sugar
     ¼     Cup  Red Wine Vinegar
     ¼     Teaspoon  Salt
     ½     Teaspoon  Pepper -- freshly ground
  6         Ounces  Dried Mixed Fruit
  2         Ounces  Slivered Almonds -- toasted
     ¼      Cup  Red Onion -- diced
  4          Slices  Bacon -- cooked and crumbled
Cut florets from Broccoli, reserving stalks.  Chop florets and dice stalks.
Whisk together mayonnaise and next four ingredients in a large bowl.  Add florets, stalks, dried fruit, almonds, and onion, tossing to coat.  Serve immediately, or chill up to 6 hours.  Sprinkle evenly with bacon just before serving.
10 Servings
  "Southern Living Christmas Cookbook"


  1. I remember the 1st time I had a broccoli salad, I fell in love.

  2. I love this salad but usually add raisens for the dried fruit. Sometimes I put those on the side as my hubby doesn't care for raisens.


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