Biscuit Mixes...Homemade Martha White Biscuit Mix

This recipe is so simple! Just two ingredients.  I'll be sharing small recipes that use this mix over the next few weeks; it successfully substitutes for Bisquick original mix in everything I've tried.   Why don't you try a batch for biscuits, and then try some of the small recipes over the next few weeks.

My husband especially likes lard biscuits, and I’ve been looking for a biscuit mix I could make that used lard.  You can use shortening just as well.  Many homemade biscuit mixes use powdered milk; you never know whether they are using the fluffy instant type or the more powdered kind; that throws off any measuring.  I also found it tended to settle out.
Cut with a bench knife in squares  
Then I picked up a Martha White cookbook Southern Sampler and found the answer…an easy recipe using self-rising flour and either shortening or lard; you use liquid milk or buttermilk when mixing your biscuits to use. 
The original recipe made 2 quarts of mix, I’m giving a 1 quart size that I use; and a 1 batch recipe to see if you like the recipe.  The 5 ounce recipe makes half of a regular 2 cup biscuit recipe.  The quart size recipe is what I can conveniently make in my food processor.
I didn’t find I needed to change the amount of liquid whether I used whole milk or buttermilk.   I use non-hydrogenated lard that must be refrigerated, not the stuff on the shelf in a box.  The mix must be refrigerated if you use this kind of lard or homemade lard.  You can also  use shortening, then the mix is easy to store in your cupboard.  
                 Martha White Biscuit Mix
                        1 QUART MIX
  1           pound self-rising flour -- sift first (4 cups)**
  4          ounces  lard or shortening -- 1/2 cup
                        1 BATCH BISCUIT MIX RECIPE
  4        ounces  self-rising flour**
  1        ounce  lard -- 2 tablespoons
Cut shortening into flour with pastry blender or food processor until it resembles coarse crumbs.
Store in a tightly covered container at room temperature (If using shortening).  Refrigerate if using lard.
Mix will keep well up to 4 months on the shelf if using shortening or in the refrigerator if using lard. 
The quart recipe weighs 20 ounces; 1 cup recipe weighs 5 ounces of mix.                                 
**Martha White says to use 1/2 tablespoon of baking powder and 3/8 teaspoon salt sifted for EACH cup of all-purpose flour if you don't have self-rising flour when making the mix.

                        TO PREPARE 4 BISCUITS:
  4             Ounces  biscuit mix
     1/4       cup  milk or buttermilk
                        TO PREPARE 5-6 BISCUITS:
  5       ounces  biscuit mix  (about 1 cup)
  5       tablespoons ounces  milk or buttermilk
                        TO PREPARE 10-12 BISCUITS:
10       ounces  biscuit mix  (about 2 cups)
 5/8     cup  milk or buttermilk


  1. Preheat oven to 450°, toaster oven to 425°.  Lightly grease or line a baking sheet with parchment.
  2. Set your bowl on your scale and measure in mix.  Add milk to mix.  (Or stir mix; spoon into cup and level.  Add to bowl, add milk to mix.)
  3. Stir with a fork only until dough leaves sides of bowl.  Turn dough out onto lightly floured board; knead gently just until smooth, about 10-12 times.
  4. Roll out to 1/2-3/4  inch thickness.  Cut into rounds with a floured 2 inch cutter.  Place on baking sheet.
  5. Bake 12-15 minutes or until golden brown.
  6. You can use your instant read thermometer to see if they are done inside; 200°.


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