Sunday in Iowa...

Dave's Coal Mine

This is the entrance building to an abandoned coal mine on our son's property between Melcher and Columbia, Iowa  
There is a creek below the building, much coal mining was done along creeks  
I never realized how much coal mining was done in Iowa until I moved here after getting married.


  1. Uug, that looks too cold for me.
    Happy weekend.

  2. How interesting! Growing up in Illinois, there was a room in our basement that was called the "coal bin." Our furnace was fired with coal and I remember the coal truck coming, the driver opened the window into the bin, put his chute from the truck and through the opening. Then he started some mechanism that pushed the coal from the back of the truck down the chute and into our coal bin. Wow, that memory seems like it was a thousand years ago.

  3. We had a ton of coal mining in Alabama! Pardon the pun. haha. In my county lived the Drummonds who owned the largest coalmining company in the southeast. My stepdad was a coalminer, as was several other relatives. So, I understand about coalmining. But, ours was never in snow....


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