$avings $aturdays...Sticker Shock!

 We stopped by our local Walmart Tuesday to pick up some replacements for our pantry and supplies.  Sticker shock!
Grapenuts; up 16%
Store brand raisin bran; up 4%
Maraschino cherries; up 25%
Maple syrup, store brand; up 10%
Coffee filters, paper cone type; up a whopping 27%
Toilet paper, store brand, up 4%
Now, it’s been awhile since I bought the coffee filters, but we’ll be getting out that brass reusable coffee filter thingy instead of buying paper ones right now.  But everything else on the list I have purchased since the beginning of the year, so the increase is in 2022.  
Do you know how to calculate the increase in price?  Subtract the old price from the new price.  Divide the difference by the old price…multiply your result by 100.  That’s your percent increase. 
In other words, % increase = Increase ÷ Original Number × 100. 
Here’s an example to work:
Maraschino Cherries          
New price        $2.82  
Old price          $2.24  
Difference        $  .58 divided by $2.24                                    

  The % increase        25.89%

Doing this simple calculation may help you decide if something is a luxury or a necessity.  My husband thinks the cherries are also off the menu.  He didn't think the cherries added enough nutritional value for the price!
He also pointed out that we might want to decide to buy groceries based on nutritional value versus price.  In other words, grains, beans, fruit and vegetables instead of junk food.  
He also added that meat in the right portion is often less expensive than packaged snack foods and sugary cereals.  This week, I could buy a dozen eggs for 88 cents, less than a candy bar. 
I might add that since January 1, we have gotten a substantial increase in our health insurance, car insurance, gasoline, natural gas and this week, a 6% increase in our garbage pickup (they use diesel of course).
About the only area where we can say “NO” is in food and supplies-also buying clothing, cosmetics, household decorations and furniture, dining out, etc. are in for heavy scrutiny.  We don’t need more household stuff; luckily, we are even cutting back and sharing with other family members.  But most seniors on a fixed income are feeling some pinch. 
We see it as a challenge to waste less.  It reminds us of our early married years spent in the military, with Jimmy Carter in office!


  1. Every one will be on a budget and severely cutting back with the prices continuing to sky rocket. It's very sad the situation we are in right now.

  2. I know just what you mean. Food and household supplies are one area in which we can control (to a certain extent!) our outlay of $$$. But at the same time, for us "mature" folks, we have to carefully watch the nutritional value in our food. Our bodies don't regenerate as easily as they once did unless we supply them with good food to work with!

  3. I bought grapes today, $3.49 a pound! Luckily they are very good, but we won't waste any

  4. I do not even know how to say most of this without getting into some goofy debate potentially. All I know is the same day someone said (paraphrase) the gas increase (at the pump) is a couple of dollars and that is how we help Ukraine is a crazy mixed up lie. I got my gas bill and it had increased by 45.00 on a budget billing that very same day . The sanctions certainly were not at work, as gas at the pump. groceries, good and services and now my heating bill had been going up long before.

    This reminds me so much of the 80s even with the Russian factor. I just hope it doesn't totally mimic the 80s.

  5. I went to my "cheap" grocery store last week. Eggs were $4.95!!! No there were not organic or anything special. They were plain large eggs. 😮😮😮

    1. I hear you...they are now $3+ here...in the country's largest egg-producing state...almost 15 billion table eggs this year. They are still occasionally a loss leader though and then I buy extra; they keep much longer than the carton date in the refrigerator.


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