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SUE was trained and has worked as a dietitian, with a degree in food and nutrition.
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MYRNA was a diagnosed celiac, like our mother.  She was an expert baker and excellent cook. She passed on September 23, 2021.

We live a lot like our folks did in the 40's and 50's - gardening, canning, cooking from scratch, hanging up the wash, modest square footage, fairly simple wants, sharing good books, coffee time with friends, picnicking, taking a Sunday drive in the country instead of going to the mall, etc. We don't feel like we've given up anything. 
Part of the secret is to live in a community where folks are like-minded, the other secret is knowing you can enjoy other people's landscaping, beautiful homes, etc., but you don't have to OWN everything you see. 

Simple wants cut down on costs, maintenance, storage, care, clutter and let you sleep at night. I'm watching my neighbor wash his expensive truck with a power washer right now; a sponge and a bucket also do the job, saves just as much water, is simpler to store and is multiuse, and costs a lot less. (And also easier to use, a bucket doesn't have to be plugged in somewhere and there is no hose to drag around). We don't want to be pioneers - but we could certainly live simpler, more fulfilling lives.

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