Baking Day

We took this photo at the "Sod House" in the Badlands of South Dakota
The following is an excerpt from an 1880 magazine. Some of the ideas apply today - a baking day is still an efficient way to use fuel and resources, and having a simple meal, perhaps prepared ahead, is another good idea.  Myrna and I grew up with a Saturday "baking day" where we learned to make bread, rolls, cookies, cake and pies with our Mother or Grandmother - the best way to learn.  We try to give you some of our ideas for “Baking Day” - check out out baking tips at the bottom of this post  - but you’ll have to take care of “Bathing Day”.

"The Housewife’s Work Week"
"Saturday: Baking and Bathing
        Saturday is undoubtedly the busiest day of the week. The weekly baking must be done.
Start the day early and plan breakfast so as to use as little time as possible. Plan the dinner meal so that it may be fixed in the morning with breakfast to leave the stove free for baking. With the children home from school extra help will be available for baking. Enlist the younger children to roll cookies and watch them in the oven. The more complicated baking of pies and cakes should be done by the older girls or the woman of the house.

In the afternoon when the baking is finished the bath taking should begin. Water should be warmed on the cook stove already hot from baking. The youngest should bathe first. When the children have bathed and are in bed the adults may take their bath."
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  1. I love reading about how the ladies kept house back in those days! Makes me feel grateful that we have so many conveniences. :)

    Visiting from the Barn Hop.

  2. I love your blog. It is a happy homemaker place :)

  3. So wonderful the way you wrote and described.. I love it. Thanks for sharing.


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