Summer Sundays on the Porch

Our Grandparent's Home
Do you remember?
Summer Sundays on  Grandmother's porch.
What a great memory. Our Grandmother had a large screened in front porch. In the summer, Sunday afternoon late lunch or early supper was most often on her front porch. Since we lived a block away from her we spent many summer days at Grandmother’s house.
Sunday’s were always special though, one of the treats being the food. Pasta salads, fruit salads, Snowflake dinner rolls, a plate of Thuringer summer sausage and great cheeses, and always lots of home canned pickles. Beet, dill, sweet and bread and butter which are my personal favorites. I still can them when I can find pickling cucumbers. Once in awhile we would have olives something my mother rarely bought so they were a treat.
Everyone would sit and rest and visit. Just a peaceful, quiet time. Many times later in the evening my Grandfather would drive to the local A&W to buy a gallon of rootbeer. Then he would stop for vanilla ice cream and we would have root beer floats to end the day. It seems like we don’t spend enough time just doing nothing anymore. I hope you have pleasant memories of time spent with your family on lazy summer days.

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