Made hamburgers tonight. Not outside on the grill, but inside on the stove. Number one, I don’t like grilled hamburgers. They are too often dry and over cooked or raw inside. Number two, I am not about to go out in the heat and grill when I can stay in my air conditioned house and make better hamburger sandwiches. We like a ground chuck mixture for ground beef. No more than 85% lean. You have to have some fat for good hamburgers. Cut back somewhere else or only eat one apiece as we do. A quarter pound apiece will make you a great plenty.
Brown and cook on one side without moving until it looks cooked about half way through. I use a cast iron frying pan because it gives you a nice brown and after use becomes non stick. Now turn over and brown and finish cooking through. Now is the time to lay a cheese slice on top if you want a cheeseburger. American or Velveeta work well. This is not the time for fancy cheeses. Lay the bun half on top of the burger while the cheese melts. I put the bottom halves in the pan also to warm a little.
Serve with thin onion slices, tomato slices and lettuce if desired. Of course the usual ketchup and mustard and Mayo for those that want them.
I will have cottage cheese and some baked beans with this and maybe some fruit for dessert if anyone wants it. Potato Chips are always popular with the kids and teens. Easy to make, clean up and sometimes simple is just better.

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