Country Gardens

We got a call just before noon on Thursday – if you want beans, come and pick 'em.  My brother-in-law, Don, had already been picking and canning – both beans and carrots – very impressive. I had to take a few pictures of his garden, the bean patch, of course, and some of his efforts, beans and carrots and even more carrots.  He is planning to use his bean” frencher” again this year, for his next round of canning. All the while we picked beans, we could hear the chickens in the large hen house and outdoor, grassy pen nearby. We went through the bean patch on its second picking, getting a couple of buckets – took them home and with my husband’s help, got them snapped and canned – 4 canner loads of pint jars – I run 2 canners at a time.
Don also sent along very nice eating cucumbers – we ate some right away for lunch, and I will share a few along with some extra beans with Myrna. She had been canning pickles Thursday morning. Myrna and I are both getting tomatoes now, warm and sweet, just picked, nothing like it.
On the way to the homestead near What Cheer, Iowa, we saw a wild turkey right on the roadside near the North Skunk river, and I couldn’t resist taking a picture of this roadside tree, pehaps once part of somebody's "homeplace", loaded with green apples and surrounded by wildflowers that were blooming everywhere along ditches. You just gotta love Iowa in the summer.

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