Limoncello Liqueur for Cake

This started with a recipe for a cake I found that called for Limoncello Liqueur. I went to both of our local Liquor stores and all I could find was a very large bottle that cost twenty dollars. As the recipe only calls for less than a half a cup, I was not going to do that, not knowing if I would ever use the recipe again.
After some research on the internet, I came up with what I thought might work and made a small amount of Limoncello. About half of the recipe I am going to give you. It was not hard to do, just takes some time. As any one can tell you, I am not a patient person so this was the hardest part.

Combine 1/2 cup of lemon rind strips with 4 cups Vodka, cover and let set 4 weeks.
Strain and combine with simple syrup made from 3 cups water and 1 1/2 cups sugar. Let stand 4 weeks more.
This should be in a dark cool place, The higher the proof of the Vodka the more lemon flavor the finished product will have.
You could use Everclear instead of Vodka if you wanted to. It comes out a pretty light yellow and smells good. I have some left so will have to make another cake or try a different recipe.

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  1. In the north of the Netherlands and Frisian Germany we make this with jenever (gin) or brandewijn (not brandy), over here it is called Schilletje, made with the whole of the lemon it is called Citroentje (Little lemon). I was almost choking when I learned the so much talked about and newest in town Limoncello was the same as the old and trusted Schilletje, only wodka instead of genever or winebrand. Matter is, the youth do not want to drink oldfashioned Schilletje, they swarm for Limoncello. Like rosé wine, the it-wine of the late sixties, then sooo sixties and forgotten, now it is back in fashion again, one reason I do not eat, drink or dress fashion, just what I like is sufficient for me. Reina.


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