New Year's babysitting

As we start the New Year both Sue and I want to give thanks to all of you for reading our Blog and hope you continue to enjoy it in the New Year.
As I am sure some of you do, my fondest Memories of New Year’s are New Year’s Eves. 
Babysitting, Money.
 Back in those days, 50 cents a hour was the going wage. Maybe 75¢ after midnight.
However on New Year’s Eve we could make out like bandits.
Everyone we babysat for wanted to go out and were willing to pay for it. I often would make eight to ten dollars for the night. Also, they would leave special treats to eat, and of course anyone with a TV set got priority. We didn't have a TV set at home until I was older so this was a important perk.I had my favorite places to babysit at and did try to give them first chance. We always had a place to babysit if we wanted to somewhere in our small town. Once in awhile, you would have two sets of kids, both sets of parents would pay you and really, back then kids were well behaved and rarely did we have any problems. If we did, there was always someone to call. 
 As we became older of course, we went out ourselves and the baby sitting days were over. 
We both had dresses similar to these.  Just for parties when we were older.  Thought we were very smart.   Small town living in the fifties was a great time to grow up.  We wish all of you a special New Year. May you enjoy the times you are living in now and relive some of those happy times in your Memories.


  1. I rememeber babysitting when I was young. Not at 50 cents an hour but at 25 cents an hour.
    Happy New Year to you both.

  2. This showed up in my updates, Myrna; wanted to leave a little comment for you.

    I've been wandering through The Iowa House Wife enjoying essays and recipes and will get comments posted later one; been enjoying the time I spend here--feels like home!

    I wasn't much into the home and hearth thing when my peers were babysitting and suchlike; too busy running around the neighborhood and climbing trees! (Probably should've had a babysitter myself!)

    8 )

    I remember sewing patterns such as the one you shared above; Mom and Grandma Smith were both great at sewing, a skill which I happily grew into and enjoy to this day. Thank you for bringing back some very happy memories!

    I wish you and Sue a very Happy New Year; may it bring you all good things!

    *tosses a little confetti belatedly*

    8 )


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