The Pink Begonia

Last weekend we stopped at my very favorite antique shop, The Pink Begonia in Kalona, Iowa, south of Iowa City.   I love this shop, because I can feed my hobby, collecting midcentury kitchen glassware, especially if it's pink.  I collect pink Moderntone and Pyrex particularly, and use it every day.   
I always find something here - and today was no exception; it's hard to get out of a shop like this without buying something.  My husband knows what I like and often finds treasures for me.  The hostess graciously let me snap these pictures inside, which are just a fraction of what's available in this 2 story shop.
Kalona is in an Amish-Mennonite area; the shops specialize in Amish quilts, baked goods, hardware, etc. plus several antique shops, and the Chamber of Commerce gives tours into the Amish countryside, with stops at Amish homes for mealtime.


  1. Kalona is an awesome area to visit especially if you enjoy the Amish country. I love visiting there and looking at all the neat quilt patterns and quilting supplies! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Kalona is an awesome place. They have that great salebarn auction.


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