Kitchen Basics

Susan and I have been chatting about down sizing our houses. This means down sizing our Kitchens also. Over the years I have had most of the newest gadgets and small appliances. Most of them are gone. Never or rarely used and not missed.

Everyone had their own appliances they didn't use, mine was slow cookers. Had several and didn’t like them and didn’t use them. The list of baking gadgets is endless. At one point or another I had and used most of them. I am going to try to make up a basic list for a young person’s first kitchen or a older person’s last kitchen. You can add your favorite to this list for you or someone else.

In my kitchen, the first thing I have to have is a heavy duty mixer. A hand mixer would do for a young single person but might as well get the stand mixer to start with.
A food processor, though I rarely use it comes in handy and I do have a blender that also rarely gets used. This is just a guide and everyone will have something they can not cook without. For me, good saucepans and frying pans are the most essential.

Here is a basic list that I hope will help someone.

One large covered pan, saucepan or Dutch oven for meats, soups, spaghetti
2 saucepans 1 and 2 qt. size
2 frying pans, 7” size & 10” size. Both can be used as griddles
1 to 2 casseroles The 2 qt size is a good one to start with.
1 or 2 pie plates 9” and 10”
1 8” or 9 “ square cake pan
12 cup muffin pan
Rolling pin (though a bottle will work in a pinch)
1 or 2 cookies sheets
1 set measuring spoons
1 set nested measuring cups
1 glass or plastic measuring cup. the larger size can be used as a bowl 
cooling rack
A starter set of sharp knives
A cutting board
Can opener (though that is not as necessary now with the new cans)

The small things:
rubber spatulas, 
Kitchen shears
Wooden or Silicone spoons
metal pancake turner
vegetable peeler

Pot holders

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