The Kitchen Sink

On Friday, we were near Amana (Iowa’s most popular tourist stop) at coffee time, so we had to stop at their good bakery, where we enjoyed “Lucy” cookies with our coffee – big, soft, chocolate cookies with nuts and raisins and lots of chocolate frosting! 
Then I persuaded my husband to stop by my favorite shop in the Amana Colonies, the Kitchen Sink.   It is kitchen nirvana – room after room of every conceivable goodie for your kitchen.  Their inventory is fabulous.  Imagine, an entire room devoted just to aprons and kitchen linens.
I’ll let the photos they graciously let me take for you speak for themselves, except to point out that I have never seen as many “corn” goodies in one place –  In Iowa, sweet corn season runs from about July 1 until frost – sweet corn farms here plant corn so they can harvest new plots of corn every few days and they are sold at regular spots throughout the summer.  As we saw combines and corn pickers in field after field today, filling semi - grain trucks with corn and soybeans, you realize your really do live in the “corn belt”. 
UPDATE: Summer 2015...This shop is now apparently closed...a victim of the slowing economy and less tourists.


  1. Looks like many people will be happy to pay a visit at their tourist stop. Because they have a interesting products.

  2. Juli and I have been to the Amanas many times, but I don't recall this shop. It's definitely one I want to check out. Where is it, exactly?

  3. It's cattycorner from the Woolen mill, and across the street from the Colony Inn.
    This is a link to a map.

  4. Excellent! Thank you.

    Looks like it's time to drop by the Amanas again soon.

  5. That shop was interesting. I would love to visit there. Looks like they've got all the stuff I need.


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