Spam In A Can

Though most younger people today associate Spam with a computer; it was and still is a canned meat product that a lot of us grew up eating. It was a staple in the diets of the Military in World War II and a lot of veterans would not eat it when they came home. My husband who is a World War II Vet still likes it so we have it occasionally for a meal, in a casserole or in a sandwich. I can remember as a youngster eating canned lunch meat, not always Spam as our Mom thought it was expensive. We liked it in sandwiches and that is still my favorite way to eat it Though just sliced and eaten cold is good also.  The empty cans are good cookie cutters, see our post on Sally Ann's.
A man named Kenneth Daigneau, an actor from New York was crowned the official namer of Spam Classic. Jay Hormel, the father of Spam held a contest to name this meat in a can and Mr. Daigneau received a $100 prize which was a lot of money for 1936. It would buy over $1500 worth of Spam Products today.
Austin Minnesota, the home of Spam has a Museum that is fun to visit. It is free to the public and there are a lot of exhibits and hands on things to do. A fun place to take the kids and goodness knows there are not that many free places to go as a family. If you are in that area. I highly recommend a visit.

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