Gardens without Pumpkins

We grew up in a family of Gardeners. Our Dad was a major gardener. He worked long hours and I think working in the garden was his way to relax, but he was also an over achiever. Our Grandmother also gardened in a large way. Three kids to help weed and pick things help, you know. However in all of this gardening, I do not remember either of them ever raising Pumpkins, not even for Jack-O-Lanterns. I am not sure why, we always raised squash, and cucumbers and even gourds some years, just not Pumpkins.

I grew up buying pumpkin in the can from the store. Even if I had the room and could I would not raise them or cook them for pie.  Canned works well for me and it is consistent in texture and taste. It is a versatile vegetable that is most often used as a dessert. I am sure some of you make and even like pumpkin soup, but for me Pumpkin Pie is the ultimate way to eat it. I can remember making Pumpkin Pie when I was 10 for Thanksgiving. This is certainly a vegetable that is associated with the Fall and the cool weather and baking time.

This coming week we are going to feature our favorite recipes using pumpkin. Hope you enjoy some of them and use this good-for-you Vegetable often.

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