It's not Easter - is it?

When we visited Don and Bonnie 2 weeks ago on their homestead, where they are making good progress on their new house- it seems like they have it enclosed overnight- Don was telling us that he was wishing that he would get a BLUE egg from their Aracuna chickens.  And voila, he was out gathering eggs and there it was!  They get green eggs pretty regularly; the pink and blue are more rare.  Of course, I love the really nice brown eggs too.
You can’t tell it as well from my photography with the tiny digital camera I had with me, but one of the eggs is pink.  Just think – Easter eggs without coloring them.  What I really, really like is getting these very fresh eggs to cook with – thick shells and nice, high yolks that are dark golden yellow, almost orange.  Of course, we had to show a picture of the ‘girls’ as well, along with the cock of the walk and the new chicks in their protective pen.

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  1. Blue eggs! Who knew! Years ago we had many chickens and some great fresh eggs! Now we have to go to the store but I have to admit it's a lot less work!
    Happy Weekend!


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