Christmas Memories

Christmas when I was growing up was always at our Grandmother’s. Thanksgiving was at our house, but Christmas eve was at Grandmother’s. She lived in a very large house and there were sliding doors between the dining room and the living room. They were shut after the tree was put up and we were not allowed to see it till Christmas Eve. 

The year I remember the best was when our Grandfather built us a doll house. As he was a building contracter, this was no ordinary doll house. It had windows and two floors. It was very large and Grandmother and our Aunt had painted and papered all the rooms and put some funiture in them. It was really not a toy, and we kept it for many years. You could go to the Dime Store and buy doll house furniture a piece at a time, and we spent many Saturday afternoons picking out just the right new piece we wanted.

Christmas morning was spent at home. Our best present was always a new book for each of us. It was the first thing we opened and the gift most used. We would read ours and than each others. What fun we had as children. Christmas eve we would all go to church after opening gifts at Grandmothers and would always get a brown paper sack of candy and fruit. Of course we knew what was in them as we had helped sack them, Grandmother always did this at her house. I think my Grandfather most likely paid for the things that went in them.
I hope you have as fond of memories of your Christmas’s as we do and will have a Joyful Holiday Season.

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