Cooking Our Way Through The New Year....

Since we started our blog, we have selected recipes mainly by ingredient – employing the “use it up…” theory.  But Myrna and I got busy this fall and counted and cataloged all our recipe books and booklets and pamphlets – currently over 500 together – she has many more than I do!  The bulk of these are now out-of-print, although still available at book sales, yard sales, flea markets and antique shops, used book stores and online.
We have decided to share our collection with you throughout the year – cooking and baking our favorite recipes from each of them – choosing what we and our friends and families enjoy, what looks new and challenging, and what we like preparing.
And what do we like to prepare?
Myrna says cookies; but what she makes the most of would have to be pie.
I like yeast baking, making soups, pastas and home canning.
What three pantry staples are we never without?
Myrna says flour, sugar and dried fruit; I think baking staples, a good supply of home canned goodies, and wines including sherry and cognac
What’s in our fridge’s right now?
I have cream, buttermilk, butter, and vegetables and Myrna says milk, eggs, butter and cheese – I can’t argue with her on that either – I wouldn’t be able to cook without eggs and cheese.
What kitchen tool can’t we live without?
Myrna and I totally agree – a good stand mixer.
What’s a fast meal we like to make at home?
I like quick stir-together pasta dishes; Myrna makes Pigs in a Blanket
How long have we been baking and cooking?
Myrna says since she was 8 or 9 when she could make some things by herself, I think as soon as I could stand up to the counter and help - I was preparing meals alone by the age of 11.  We aren’t unusual – most of our classmates already were somewhat proficient in the kitchen by the time they started 7th grade home economics classes back in the 50’s and 60’s.  It was expected. 
Both of us believe in home cooking - using local foods when possible, including raising some of our own, cooking with what is in season for optimum quality and flavor, minimal convenience foods - better to control the ingredients yourself - and controlling calories with portion control instead of "manufactured"  or "fake" ingredients. 

We hope you will join us on our cookbook adventures throughout 2011!


  1. The thought of indexing 500+ cookbooks boggles the mind! Wow!

  2. You're right - we actually cataloged and partially indexed them - still a chore - but we are unwilling to be mind-boggled voluntarily.

  3. I have very much enjoyed your blog and look forward to the New Year with you both!

    Happy New Year and Happy Cooking!

  4. I'll continue to roam through your blog, Sue and Myrna, and will leave comments for you as I go; this is a wonderful site and I look forward to more recipes, tips, and culinary wisdom.

    Nice place you've got here; I've been enjoying my time here.

    Keep toasty!


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