Land O Lakes Treasury of Country Recipes

I recently purchased a small older recipe booklet from Land O’ Lakes, called Comfort Food.  Every recipe I made turned out great!  When I saw this large cookbook from them, called Land O Lakes Treasury of Country Recipes, printed in 1992, I had to have it.  The photography is enticing, the recipes varied and best of all, very few mixes and convenience foods, just real Midwestern ingredients in all their glory.  The how-to pages are excellent; this makes it a cookbook for experienced cooks and newcomers alike. Although we have both been cooking for more than 50 years, we found plenty to excite us in this book.
I shared the book with Myrna; she had to get her own copy as there were too many recipes she wanted to try.  She had to buy one for her daughter, Amy, because she was always copying out recipes she wanted to try.  I showed it to my grown son, Dave; I had to order one for him – he and his wife are both good cooks – the photos sucked him in!  In other words, this book is contagious!
For the next month or so, we are going to share just some of the recipes we have tried from this cookbook – a variety of main dishes, soups, appetizers, vegetables, breads and desserts.  We will be posting recipes for this season – cold weather recipes, although the book has many good grilling and salad recipes too.


  1. I have a few of the Land o Lakes recent magazines, and they're really outstanding!

  2. Okay--my curiosity is aroused; wonder if I can find it via Amazon..?

    Have you used many recipes from Taste of Home?

  3. We have used and will use some more from the Taste of Home cookbooks that were issued several years ago. Not the annuals from the magazines.

  4. I found a hardbound copy of Land O Lakes Treasury of Country Recipes; used, good condition, eight bucks. One new hardcover was priced at over $80. This must be one heckuva great cookbook!

    Going to get the used hardcover and looking forward to putting it to work!

    Thanks for the heads up!

  5. This is a great cookbook. I have two. My DMIL gave me a notbook type copy and when I ran into a hard copy, I grabbed it. There is also another one by L-O-Ls that is a red cover. It is called Land-o-Lake's Treasury of Country Heritage Meals and Menus. It is good, too!


  6. Mecky, Amazon has used copies of the Country Heritage cookbook you mentioned, hardcover, good shape, for a little over five bucks. I can manage that.

    Looks like I have a second cookbook on my wish list!

    Thank you for suggesting it!!!

  7. Yes - Myrna and I both have the Country Heritage cookbook too - another time on the blog....
    It is another good one. So many little time.


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