Do you remember?

Our Great Grandmother Clara Marti

Do you remember...?
Do you remember when most folks in small towns had chickens in their back yards?  More recently than Great-grandma's era?
When egg money was the farm wife's spending money?  Or grocery money?
When daily chores included feeding the chickens and gathering eggs?
When Sunday dinner meant killing an old hen first?
We don't remember our great grandmother, but our grandmother and mother did the same.


  1. Love the photo! Egg money is exactly what I am hoping for. My chickens are 16 weeks old, so soon eggs will arrive. Have a wonderful football Sunday.

  2. I was born & raised in Tulsa and my grandmother had a large chicken yard. She insisted that I gather eggs from the meanest chickens ever hatched. I didn't want to, but I did because as scared of the chickens, I was more scared of my grandmother. I love chicken now and really like eggs, but I don't have any desire to own any live ones!

  3. I dont remember those times as I was to young. I would love to have those memories as my own. We have come so far away from those values, and that distance makes it all the clearer that we have crossed over to an unnatural way of life.

  4. My great grandmother did exactly that! I didn't get to witness it, but my mom would tell us tales of watching her grandma grab the chicken and break it's neck! That picture you posted looks like my grandma! HaHa! Love your blog!


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