Do you remember?

Myrna's Birthday - Myrna 3rd from right, Sue far right

Do you remember...?
Do you remember when birthday parties were just a few close friends?
When Moms simply served hot dogs, baked beans, potato chips (a treat), and cake and ice cream??
When presents were maybe a book or inexpensive toy?
When no one dreamed of going to a restaurant or mall for a party...nobody hired clowns, balloon playgrounds, or had "princess parties"......
Everyone's birthday party was similar?  No one tried to "top" anyone else?


  1. How I wish things were still like this!

  2. I do remember this, Sue; parties today (for any age or occasion) seem so orchestrated and over-planned. I agree with Apple Pie Gal.

  3. Same in the Netherlands, cordial drinks, Maria-biscuits ( in our part of the country called: meelkoekies, which tthey were: flour, sugar, milky water, maybe some butter?), still like them very much, playing outside catch or ball, or in winters skating or ind=side boardgames. All parties witjout trying to better someone leses mother and best of all: no goodie bags, I hate them, because every young mother in my neighbourhood tries to better all others. This is one thing I am gratefull for not having grandchildren yet, maybe the goodie bags are out when futore GC's are about four. Reina.


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