Down Home Cooking and Baking and Pillsbury Casseroles

Here are examples of two of the small Pillsbury paperback cookbooks.
  Sue uses The Down Home Cooking and Baking and I am using the Pillsbury Casseroles.
The Casseroles cookbook uses mixes of one kind or another and that is something Sue rarely does. I on the other hand, do not have as much of a problem with it.
I do try not to do it too often, but there are some mixes I use just for convenience sake.
  The two casseroles I tried both have quite a bit of sodium in them, so I don’t make them often. However, every one likes them and they are quick to make. One of those things you do as a treat.
 The paperback Pillsbury and other company cookbooks you can buy at the grocery store or recipes from their web sites are a good source for recipes. Most companies have their own kitchens and try out recipes on a regular basis. The recipes help sell their products and give all of us some new ideas. Even if you do not follow the recipes exactly they give you a great starting point.
  Do try one or more of these and maybe you will find something new to add to your regulars.  Here are links to the recipes:

French Bread Braids

Harvest Vegetable Salad

Chili Corn Dog Pie

Baked Jambalaya

Salmon with Sour Cream Mustard Topping



  1. I inherited all of Mom's cookbooks a few years ago and, after a lot of sorting, narrowed the collection down to several actually use and enjoy. I noticed that Mom did save a lot of collections from Betty Crocker and Pillsbury...old standbys I remember way back into my childhood.

    Good, uncomplicated, down-home cookin'!

  2. my mom cooks simliar things over and over again so I try to learn from others. I want to make new things for fun.


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