Do You Remember?

Great aunt Marie, Grandma, Great Aunt Mamie, Great Aunt Marie
Sisters and Sister-in-laws on an Easter Sunday

Do You Remember……?

When ladies dressed in their best for Sunday?
When hats were required in church?
When pretty dresses like this were especially for Easter or Palm Sunday?
 When your Easter dress might be your one “new” summer dress for the year?


  1. Oh sure, I remember my grandma and sistern on sunday in church. Big hats, nice and pretty dresses. My grandma dresses like this only on sunday, easter and christmas. I love such photos.

    Many greetings


  2. My memories are similar to Anne's, Sue; making or buying a pretty dress and hat for Easter was an annual tradition for Mom and me.

    Happy times, then, as now.

    (Love the photo!)


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