Baking Memories

  Yesterday I spent the day with my Daughter, Amy and Grandson helping Amy bake bread.
Though she is quite a good cook, and does a lot of baking, she has never baked yeast breads. We talk about my helping her, and I end up doing it. Typical Mother! 
I do have a problem letting some one work in my kitchen. When she was growing up, it was a struggle for me to let her mess and do recipes on her own. But I must have done something right as she is a accomplished cook. 
  Today was the day however. We used Sue’s recipe for Honey Wheat Bread. It is a easy recipe and is really good for novice bakers as well as bread bakers. 
Amy's First Bread
  After I managed to restrain my self and only helped if asked, it went quite well. While not as pretty as Sue's, it was very good for a first attempt and tasted great. 
  What you have to understand, is that I seldom bake bread myself anymore. I have baked my share over the years, but not in recent years. I might not has been as much help as Sue would have been.
  It was perfect weather for bread baking, cool and rainy and it sure smelt good in the house. The lesson was a success and we got to spend some quality time together. I do hope some of you are passing down these skills to your younger generation. Boys or girls, both make good bread bakers.  
  After everyone smelled the aroma of baking bread, (is there anything better) we had to slice one loaf warm and eat it with fresh butter and homemade blackberry jam. Outstanding! 
  Next up is yeast coffeecakes. Sue and I both make them the way our Grandmother and Mother made them. They are a favorite of everyone and Ryan kept saying the bread was good, but cinnamon and sugar coffeecakes are his favorites. I really need to pass that recipe and skill on to the next generation so the recipe is not lost. 
  Do hope you share some favorite recipes with your favorite people so they are not lost. A  good friend of mine’s mother made the best dill pickles but would not share the recipe even with her daughters. When she died the recipe was gone. What a shame. She was from Europe and had come here as a young girl bringing the recipe with her.
Those pickles were so good, and we never had them again.


  1. It is good day to try this bread. Amy's looks great, to me.

  2. I'm so glad I'm not the only one with problems sharing the kitchen! It was a big change for me when Jeffrey decided to do the lion's share of the cooking for our household.

    I appreciate his efforts, I really, truly do, but he has a totally different way of doing almost everything in the kitchen, which sometimes rubs me the wrong way.

    I try very hard not to be critical, but the few times I have the kitchen to myself are a relief! I can clean things the way I want to, and put away all the stuff he likes to leave on the countertops. I can put all the dishes away instead of leaving them to air dry, and I can clean around the sink and mop the floor!

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your comments. I was afraid I was the only person in the world who had kitchen "issues"!

  3. Juli, I think there are many more of us think we think.
    The kitchen is our space!

  4. Well, I think Amy's bread looks very fine. I'm sure it tasted good too.
    This recipe from Land O Lakes is a really good one.

  5. Looks scrumptious. With jam MMMMMMMMMM!

  6. Yummy! Nothing beats homemade bread!


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