Do You Remember?

Clockwise top left:  Pink Flamingo, Turquoise Butterprint, Green Spring Blossoms, Butterlfly Gold, Red Friendship and Butterfly gold Princess, Pink Gooseberry, Primary Colors
Do you remember...
When you knew when a woman got married by the color of her Pyrex?

My sister-in-law, Bonnie, who married a year or two after me, has three sets of Pyrex mixing bowls in various shades of brown, orange and gold, all original wedding or shower gifts.  On a visit to the farm yesterday to get fresh eggs, she set out her red and orange "Friendship" pattern bowls and the gold Princess bowls for a photo.  She was married in 1968.
Myrna and I both started out with sets of the "Primary Colors" bowls...and both used the big yellow bowl for raising bread and rolls, and as the communal popcorn bowl.  We both miss these bowls, but they are now harder to find, especially the smallest blue bowl.  Myrna had the refrigerator dishes in "Primary Colors" too.
Myrna and I both bought the avocado green "Spring Blossoms" pattern Pyrex - it was in style in the early seventies and I gave what I had left to her. 
 I had some of the gold Pyrex, also from the late 60's and early 70's, when harvest gold appliances were all the rage, and I had an avocado and gold kitchen - Myrna still has some gold Pyrex she uses.
Our sister Kay, got both the pink and turquoise Pyrex when she married in 1957.   The pink Pyrex in these pictures is mine, collected used...both in "Pink Gooseberry" and "Pink Flamingo".  I have more...I collect it because I missed out on the Pink and Turquoise era, but it brightens my kitchen, is fairly easy to find, and it's not so precious I can't use it everyday.  
New Pyrex isn't nearly so much fun to collect these days!


  1. I love my old, colorful Pyrex. I have a set of the orangey yellow Cinderella bowls, but I broke one. :(

    I think Pyrex should bring back the colors. Plain clear glass is just not as much fun!


  2. What a trip in the Way-Back Machine, Sue!!! I remember Mom havig the nesting Primary Colors bowls and I had the Green Spring Blossoms bowls myself.

    Hard to believe how fashionable avocado green was back in the day...

    Thanks for such a fun-to-read posting; lots of great memories!

  3. Wow!! What a collection. Never thought of the "wedding sets" that determine when you got married.
    Mine is in the low far right picture. The brown & white with gold design Pyrex. Yep, 1969 and I have the full set. M

  4. We have two sets of the primary color bowls. My mother left one set here at the family home when she moved and we got another set when my mother passed.

    We use them all the time. Wouldn't wan't to cook without them.

    Potatoe salad wouldn't be the same if it wasn't in the big yellow bowl!

  5. I remember my Mom having the Pyrex sets and I would love to have them now! I just have to tell you how much I have enjoyed reading all the posts from the "past" and since I was born in 1955 I do remember a lot of it. My Mom and Dad lived in Iowa City for a while long before I was born but then moved back to Tennessee, I guess they were homesick and missed family. From the pictures you post I would love to visit up there and since you still live basically like they did in the earlier years I know I would definitely love to visit you (but I might not ever want to leave)! Thank you for the wonderful memories although I know they were hard times they seem to also be wonderful times.

    1. Well...we love Pyrex...the old-time stuff that is...everything is so white and bland today!
      My married granddaughter has started collecting it now too!
      Glad to have you following along.

  6. Yes some of the 50's were hard times but everyone had about the same so we never really knew that growing up.
    Not as much into material things as people are nowadays.
    Maybe someday we will get so meet some of our readers but we feel we know many of you through your kind comments.


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