Golden Treasury of Cooking

Here's one of our favorite cookbooks that both of us have, The Golden Treasury of Cooking. This is a cookbook I use a lot, but also read it. 
  The recipes are arranged by Decades and are a great history of the different styles of foods and the ways of cooking. It also shows you the difference in the life styles of families and the roles women played in Society in their different time span.
  We live not to far from Des Moines, Iowa, so this is also a somewhat local cookbook for us. I was privileged to tour Meredith Publishing several years ago. They are not open for tours unless they have changed their rules in the later years. Our sister Kay was featured in one of their sister magazines and they took the pictures in their kitchens in Des Moines. Since she was staying with us, we got to go along. What fun. This is an amazing place and was a great Day.
  I think maybe as much as I like and use the recipes from this cookbook, reading it and enjoying the pictures makes it worth the cost of the book. I have the original edition published in 1973 and occasionally you can find it at used book sales. I have seen it at the large annual book sale in Des Moines. Meredith donates overruns of cookbooks and other books published by them to the book sale.
  I am using two photos from the book that show you actual test kitchens used by Better Homes and Gardens. The older one is from the 30’s and the blue kitchen is from the 70’s. They say that they try to duplicate the average readers kitchen and tools and appliances so that the recipes are doable in our own kitchen. 

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