Gluten Free Web and Food List

 I am sure that there are many of you like me out there - celiacs who must have a gluten-free diet. We’ll bake for our family and friends, but do not bake for ourselves. It really is easier to just not eat the foods with gluten in them. 
 In the last years there are many more gluten free foods available in regular grocery stores and that sure has made life easier for me. Checking major brand web sites, might surprise you. HyVee, a chain grocery store here in the MidWest has a page of gluten free foods listed on their web site also.
  I am not going to attempt to say what you should eat and recommend that you always read the ingredients on any packaging as they change often without notice. These are just some of the things that have worked for me. Hope this will be of some use and interest for some of our readers
 Always check labels before buying. Products change ingredients often without notice. Keep in mind your own sensitivity levels.
Most small Grocery store chains will have a list of gluten free products, check major food manufacturers and your local hospital, dietitian or doctor.  
Be aware that most Soy Sauces are not gluten free. You will need to sub for them in stir fries. Be careful if you are buying an overseas brand. They do not always list every ingredient.
A list of Gluten Free Products and Web Pages That I Like
Kraft  Web Site has a list including Cool Whip (Kraft), Whipped Topping; Lite Whipped Topping; CoolWhip Free Whipped Topping; Extra Creamy Whipped Topping 
Jell-O Brand Gelatin Desserts (dry gelatin mixes): Sugar Sweetened Gelatin (all flavors);
Sugar Free Gelatin (all flavors) (7/00); Gelatin Snacks (Ready to Eat Gelatin): Sugar
Sweetened Gelatin Snacks (All flavors), Sugar Free Gelatin (All flavors) are gluten free
Wimmer Brats and polish sausage are gluten free.

Mustards:  All French’s, Plochmann’s, Whole Foods Dijon or Stone Ground, Trader Joe’s Dijon, Hellman’s mustards, are gluten free.
Mayonnaise:  Duke’s, Mrs Clarks Mayo, Best Foods, Hellman’s, Kraft Regular Mayonnaise and Regular Miracle Whip are gluten free.
Marshmallows:  Kraft Jet-puffed and Campfire Marshmallows are gluten-free.
Blue Diamond has a series of Nut and Rice Cracker Snacks (Excellent)

There are quite a few cereals now that are gluten free. All of the Chex cereals except Wheat Chex and Kellogg's have come out with a gluten free Rice Krispies. The regular ones are not Gf. 


 Outback will tell you what is gluten free if you ask
 P F Changs. They have an separate extensive gluten free menu 


  1. Cool whip maybe glutten free but just as soon as i eat. it my stomach tells me differently. Same with pillsbury glutten free pie crusts. I think i must be having a reaction to the soybean oil in the crusts

  2. I think it might be the soy. I have some problems with it also. Try whipping real whipped cream instead. I just gave up on pie crust.
    What I have tried just doesn't taste that good. Can you get Barilla Pasta? Their gluten free is very good and tastes so good no one
    knew they were eating GF Pasta.


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