Great Cars...

We don’t have any old cars, but we enjoy walking around the square in places like Oskaloosa and Pella for their car shows.  
In an area with very popular race tracks – the Knoxville Raceway in Knoxville, Iowa; home of the Sprint Car Nationals; the Eddyville Raceway, a popular paved drag strip, and the Iowa Speedway in Newton, where they have both an Indy car and Nascar races, and the fairgrounds in Oskaloosa, where they have popular races all summer, cars interest many folks. 
I took these photos last year; just a fraction of the cars lining 5 blocks on both sides and down the middle of the street.  
It's a fun way to spend a warm summer morning.

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  1. Oh, YES! Steve and I enjoy car shows, too! Marshalltown had one last weekend and there were some beauts along either side of Main Street. A warmish day, but the public still turned out for great old cars, good food, and a marvelous time!

    A fun day, indeed!

    (I like the photos you shared above; especially the one of the old fire truck.)


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