Do You Remember...?

Fremont, Iowa...Population 704

 Do you remember…?
 When your bank was locally owned?
 When the stockholders were your friends and neighbors?
 When you trusted the board of trustees?
 When you actually stepped inside the bank to do business with friends?


  1. I used to work in such a little bank in The Netherlands, a long time ago !!!
    Have a wonderful day.

  2. Years ago one of my first jobs was at the local bank. My Sunday School teacher was the bank's president. I ran a proof machine in the bookkeeping department initially but later was a teller at the walk up window. (Drive up windows did not exist back then.) Ralph, the bank president back then is still living and celebrated his 90th birthday last year and we all sent cards. I am a mere 63, just a baby.

  3. Unfortunately I don't remember a time when banks were small and you knew the owners. I think our country would be better off if we went back to only small hometown banks. The 2008 crisis was caused by too big to fail banks and allowed them to merge with their little bit of competion to become even bigger banks. So when the banks make a bad bet the tax payers will have to cover them because they are "too big too fail". The older I get the more I realize how many things were better he old way. Especially with food!


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