Good Housekeeping Cookbook 1963

  The cookbook we are featuring is one of those types that every cook should have in her collection. The Good Housekeeping Cookbook published in 1963 not only has recipes but chapters and charts on, Family meals, Weight watching, When You Go Marketing, some very good and informative reading. 
  The marketing section is one of the better chapters of its kind. The hints are just as useful today as when the book was first published.
  I also own a later edition, published in 2007 that is equally as good. I however, find that I tend to use the 1963 volume more. 
  We hope that all of you will find something you might like to try and encourage you to look for a copy of the book, used or new. You can never have too many cookbooks, Right?

Here are some recipes from this book:

Pan Fried Liver and Bacon

Chocolate Almond Butter Balls

French Toast

Cracker Crisp Salad

Fresh Apple Cookies

Buttermilk Pancakes

Braided Onion Bread

Spinach Salad a la Grecque

Banana Tea Bread

Butterscotch Cream

Spareribs and Sauerkraut

Pineapple Spice Drop Cookies

French Dressing with Roquefort Cheese

Shrimp Scampi

Salted Peanut Cookies


  1. I was wondering if the 2007 edition also had the chapters on marketing, etc?

    Thanks, Myrna!

  2. Julia,
    Not as much as the older book, but the first chapter is called basics. It includes information on pans and baking equipment they feel a cook needs, cooking basics such as measuring and cutting tips. There is info on food safety, refrigerator know how and storing food and fresh herbs. How to interpret food labels on packages and other odds and ends. It is a good book and Costco has them fairly cheap.

  3. I had that cookbook and lost it, along with my favorite recipe. It was called Cottage Cheesecake or Country Cheesecake and was made with cottage cheese and included a strawberry topping. I would love to have that recipe.

    1. I looked for the recipe you wanted and did not have any luck finding it. Sue did find one in the later addition that is unbaked. Did you bake yours or not?

  4. Hi my mom had this cookbook when I was going. We used to make Christmas cookies from it. I think it was a sugar cookie recipe. I was hoping you could share it with me. Thanks!

  5. Was it a rolled out Sugar Cookie?

  6. There was an issue of Good Housekeeping published in the 2000's that had recipes through the decades. I have misplaced my beloved recipe from 1920 for scalloped potatoes with leeks. Would you send it to me, please? This recipe is my family's favorite of all time.

    1. Sorry to say neither of my old Good Housekeeping cookbooks are from the 1920's...and don't have the recipe you are looking for.

  7. Oh gosh, Myrna!! My mama's Trina. I sure hope you still keep up with this page. I don't know what happened to my copy of that cookbook, but there was a recipe for cube/swiss steak that had onions and raisins and maybe tomatos? BEST cube steak I ever made or had! Would be SO appreciative if you could share that recipe!

    1. Err...*my* name is Trina..the cookbook originally belonged to my

    2. Trinia I think I found it, give me a little bit to get it inputted and I hope it is the right one. It at least has raisins as an option.

    3. Trina, I am putting your recipe up Saturday the 24th. I really think it must be what you want. If using cube steak just flour it instead of pounding it in or pound lightly.

    4. Hi Myrna,
      Did I miss it, or is it on a different page than this? Thank you again! :-)

    5. You did miss was our Saturday post...
      Look here: Good Housekeeping Swiss Steak 1963

  8. I was given this cookbook -my “go-to” by my mother on my engagement in 1970. I unfortunately left it behind with my daughter-in-law when we moved to Portugal. Wish I had it here!


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