French Toast

   I had slices of old bread just begging to be used. Also those fresh farm eggs. What better excuse to make French Toast. 
 I used my electric fry pan which I haven’t used a lot in these last few years. I had forgotten how well it works. I set the temp at 350° and it kept the pan at a even heat and the toast came out just perfect.
  Serve with your choice of breakfast meat and you have a great meal. (I served it for supper)
French Toast

2 eggs
Scant ½ teaspoon salt
1 tablespoon sugar
¼ cup milk
Butter, margarine, or bacon fat
6 slices day old bread
Break egg into shallow dish; with fork. Beat lightly.
Stir in salt, sugar and milk.
Heat a little butter in skillet (I used Crisco)
Quickly, dip bread slices, one at a time into egg mixture, turn just until well coated.
Do not let soak as the bread will fall apart.
In hot butter, brown at once on both sides.
 Makes 6 servings
For a Deluxe version, use light or heavy cream for milk, and add 2 teaspoons Sherry.
Good Housekeeping Cookbook 1963


  1. did not expect a recipe to make me cry but this one caught me off guard because this was my most favorite thing that my gramma used to make me and just viewing your photographs look just like the way she did it. Thanks so much for a wonderful memory and I think I will try to make this for my kids very soon.

  2. This brought back memories for me too. Thanks for a great photo too. The slices lined up in your fry pan are beautiful!!

  3. Many thanks for the nice comments. This is the way our Mother and Grandmother made French Toast. It also brings back Memories for me. Thanks for reading us.

  4. I love your blog. Thanks for sharing this recipe. My boyfriend requested that I make french toasts for him. He used to have it for breakfast back when he was in Wisconsin. He was about 8 or 9 during that time. He's now 22 and lives here in the Philippines. I will definitely use your recipe and hope that he would love it!

  5. Jill, this is what we had growing up in Minnesota, and Wisconsin is the next state over, so this should be what he had. Good luck and I hope he likes it as much as we do.

  6. Good idea to use the electric fry pay. We don't use ours much anymore either. It is so big. My mother used to fix this sometimes for Friday supper back when we couldn't eat meat on Friday. We called it fried bread in Ohio.

    1. I recently bought a new electric fry pan and sure wish I had the old one back. The new ones don't have the high domed lids anymore,
      though it makes french toast just fine. We often have it for supper on a lazy weekend.

  7. This is the way my grandmother and mother made french toast, and I make it this way too. We usually have it for supper rather than breakfast.

    1. Supper is when we like it best also. A snowy cold weekend night with some sausage or bacon, Yum


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