Cracker Crisp Salad

 Here’s a nice main dish salad that might even get your kids interested.  I was surprised that the dressing on this salad from the “Good Housekeeping Cook Book" was so tasty.  Make it first; so the garlic can blend in well. 
 If you have any fall garden goodies left use them here.  I used julienned ham; the recipe also calls for canned salmon, tuna or chicken, any of which would be as tasty and easy too.  
                           Cracker Crisp Salad
  1        quart  salad greens
  2        each  tomatoes
  1        clove  garlic
     ¾     teaspoon  salt
     ½    cup  mayonnaise -- or cooked salad dressing
  1        tablespoon  wine vinegar
     ¼     teaspoon  worcestershire sauce
  6 ½     ounces salmon or tuna – drained or  1 cup  cooked chicken or ham.
  6         radishes -- sliced
  1         cup  Cheez-its -- or other small cheese crackers

Mash garlic with salt until garlic disintegrates.  Combine with mayonnaise, vinegar, Worcestershire; set aside.
Tear cold, crisp greens into bite size pieces into salad bowl.  Slice tomatoes vertically (they lose less juice, salad doesn't get watery).  Cut half of slices into chunks; add them to greens.
Break salmon or tuna into large chunks over greens; also scatter on radish slices and cheese crackers.
Pour on dressing; toss to coat well. 
Garnish with remaining tomato slices.

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