Mashed Potato Salad

After living in Texas during my high school and college years, I learned to like mashed potato salad.  The ones usually served there were similar to this recipe from the "Farm Journal Country Cookbook" but added quite a bit of yellow prepared mustard and usually chopped hard cooked egg and pickle relish.   I have to say, I didn’t miss them in this very good, simple mashed potato salad; that said, my husband wanted a little mustard stirred into his.   
This would be a good use for left-over mashed potatoes, but were certainly worth cooking a few potatoes for.  We enjoyed it with grilled sandwiches, but it goes with all the picnic or barbeque standbys.  We tried it hot and liked it, and it was good cold too.                    
                           Mashed Potato Salad
  4         cups  potatoes -- hot, mashed, unseasoned
     1/3   cup  mayonnaise -- or cooked salad dressing
  1         tablespoon  vinegar
  1         teaspoon  salt
  1 1/2   teaspoons  green pepper -- chopped
  1 1/2   tablespoons  pimiento -- finely chopped
     3/4   cup  celery -- finely chopped
     3/4   cup  green onion -- finely chopped

Toss ingredients together.  Serve hot or cold.
6 - 8 Servings
For a gluten-free salad, use gluten-free mayonnaise. 


  1. Love your blog and enjoy all of the pictures and stories. I have 2 sisters and we are very close although 4 hour travel time apart. We live much the way you do and cherish the "old" ways, memories, and traditions. Thanks so much for visiting my blog. I am really flattered!! You have much to share and I appreciate you're doing so.
    Thanks again for everything. lilycatherine of

  2. Oh, that looks so good! Tramp 1 doesn't like hard boiled eggs so this will be a perfect salad to make for him. Thanks!


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