Do You Remember...?

Do you remember these stylish electric coffee percolators?  The Sunbeam coffeemaster vacuum pot?
Those polypropylene ones?  In those 60's and 70's colors?
Or freeze-dried instant coffee when it first came out?
Electric percolators were popular from the 30's to the 70's when Mr. Coffee came out with the first successful electric drip coffee maker in 1972.  Nescafe invented instant freeze-dried coffee in 1938.  
I actually had one of the poly coffee pots in avocado green- my sister-in-law Bonnie said she had a yellow one; they stained terribly, and didn't last long.
Our parents and grandparents never had electric coffee pots, and in fact, I never had one until I married.  But they never missed coffee time at 9 am and 3pm.


  1. Guess I am too old, I never had the colored pots, but had one like the Presto metal pot. Made good coffee.

  2. I have a mirro-matic percolator better known as a lucy pot

  3. I have a 1960s regal poly-perk i use everyday

    1. Wow! Mine gave out in 2 or 3 years! I do have other kitchen items from the 60's that I use regularly and they are well made...but nothing electric that old.


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