Fleishmann's Yeast Bread Books

One of my favorite go-to bread-baking books is Fleischmann’s Yeast Best-Ever Breads.  A large paperback, with 79 pages, it was published in 1993, 125 years of Fleischmann’s being in business.  My copy is very well used - I think I sent for it with an offer on a yeast package or magazine advertisement.
Back Cover of Book
This book is pretty up-to-date, with directions for cake, dry and rapid rise yeast.  They use a variety of methods, including bread machines and food  processors, as well as traditions methods, rapid rise “one-rise” methods, electric mixer methods and no-knead batter methods, as well as Cool-rise and refrigerator doughs, freezer doughs, sourdough recipes and even an English muffin bread recipe made in the microwave!  There is something for every baker in this book.  Methods are accurate, photos are beautiful, and it’s hard to put this book down.  If you can pick this up at a used book sale, buy it!
Here are some recipes I tried from this book:

Bouquet Coffee Cake

Spring Holiday Braids

Lemon Nut Twists


  1. I do need some good bread machine recipes... I try to make all my bread by hand but there's always a time that I don't have the time to wait around all morning for it. I doubt that I can find this book here but I'll definitely be on the look-out for a similar one.

  2. Tanya, Amazon uk has copies of this yeast book. Don't know if it is a good price in Euro prices or not.


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