Orange Onion Salad

This is a beautiful, easy salad.  When you section or slice the oranges, catch the juice in a bowl for the dressing.  If you have a long white platter, this is perfect to line up slices for attractive buffet serving.  In bowls, I prefer orange sections and cutting the onion slices in half for easier eating.                 
                            Orange Onion Salad
  2 or 3  Large  Oranges
  1          Large  Red Onion -- sliced paper-thin
  5          Ounces  Lettuce -- or spinach
                        Creamy Orange Dressing
  3          Ounces  Cream Cheese
     ¼      Teaspoon  Salt
  2          Teaspoons  Sugar
              Paprika and Cayenne -- a few grains
  3          Tablespoons  Orange Juice
  1          Tablespoon  Lemon Juice
Peel oranges, section or slice, removing seeds if needed. 
Alternate slices of orange and onion on lettuce or spinach.
Blend all dressing ingredients together.  Serve salad with dressing.
  "Betty Crocker Good and Easy Cook Book p150"

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  1. I confess that I call this a spinach salad and I use half the orange in the salad and squeeze the other half as dressing. I add sunflower seeds too...yummy!!!

    Thanks so much!!


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