Sunday in Iowa

The Morgan Cabin in Edmunson Park, Oskaloosa, Iowa

This "double log cabin" was built around 1850 by a Methodist minister, John Forsyth Rouze.  It was built on the Des Moines River near Tracy, Iowa.  It was purchased by the Morgan family in 1939, taken apart log by log, each log marked and then reassembled and restored on this spot, some 16 miles distant.
The cabin has 2 rooms separated by a wall that is notched and cross-tied into the outside walls with an overhead loft.   It has both a chimney for a woodstove in the right-hand room and a fireplace in the nearest room.   I think the integrated lean-to is unique and useful.  Think sheltering animals, laundry, outside canning and soap-making, perhaps the wood pile.

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  1. Thanks for the history. I don't know if I said it before, but my mom was born in Tracy! The town of Tracy is practically nonexistent now.


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