Dehydrated White Potatoes

If you've already canned potatoes; you might want to make your own dry potatoes.  In a small household, we often can’t finish a sale bag of potatoes before they sprout; drying some of the bag eliminates the waste.  I dry as few as 4-6 potatoes; I simply remove the empty trays from the dryer and they dry faster.  I use a glug of white vinegar in the cold water I use to stop the blanching process, about 1/3 cup to 2 quarts of water.  So far, I have had potatoes with good color.  As with canning, I haven’t found that the vinegar leaves any taste in the potatoes.  I use my Börner mandolin to slice the potatoes; along with a Kevlar, rubber coated glove to protect my hand.
I purchased some dehydrated potato slices from the Amish grocery – I couldn’t tell the difference between theirs and mine.
Dehydrated White Potatoes
  5             Pounds  Russet Potato
                 White Vinegar
Choose any white variety of potatoes.  I have the best luck with russets.
Wash well; peel.  Cut into 1/4" slices, into water or water and vinegar.  Drain.
Blanch or steam blanch 5-6 minutes.  Rinse well in cold water.  I add white vinegar to the rinse water to prevent discoloration.
Dry at 130° until crisp.  Let cool.  Store carefully in a cool, dark place.
Use in soups, casseroles and potato dishes.  Rehydrate in boiling water 20-30 minutes before using in a recipe.  
  "Ball Blue Book"


  1. Thank you for this post, wanted to try this this year, sure appreciate seeing the process. Also thank you for your blog, I love to read it and try your recipes! Gracie

  2. Is there any reason one can't leave the peel on the taters? I prefer them that way - not sure if it's because I'm lazy or what, but I don't argue with myself on it either. Just wasn't sure if this would interfer with the drying process.


    1. Peeling is optional- there are important vitamins and minerals stored in the potato skins, but they look nicer peeled, so choose according to your personal preference. The Blue Book only recommends peeling. We tried some unpeeled, but the color wasn't as good.

  3. Thanks Sue. I might have to experiment and see what I like.


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