Fresh Summer Desserts

Fresh Summer Desserts published in 2002 is a booklet I use quite often year round. The dessert recipes are easy-to-fix, includes drinks, ice creams fresh fruits, cakes and pies. 
  Some of the recipes calling for fresh fruit can be made with frozen fruit and of course fresh fruit is available in supermarkets almost all year now.
  We especially like the ice creams now that I have a ice cream freezer. (we are all going to gain some weight). 
  Better Homes and Gardens test their recipes and I have always found they work as stated and the times and temps are right on. You really can’t go wrong with a cookbook from them.  Here I'm going to share some of our favorites with you.

Lemon and Lime Ice Cream

Strawberry Bavarian Pie

Two Tone Lemonade Mousse

Summerberry Cooler

Peaches and Cream Ice Cream

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