New (to us) Mason Jar Products

While we're on the subject of canning and dehydrating, I wanted to show you these two nice products I've purchased in the last few weeks.  (I had to buy mine, I don't get anything from the sellers).
Both Myrna and I have purchased some of these plastic reCap mason jar lids - just search for the name on the internet, there are several sources.  They are made in the USA too.  They have a rubber gasket inside, and fit any regular size mason jar.  Think honey, homemade salad dressings, iced tea, small dry goods or juices that you might store in a mason jar.  The jar in the center is a Ball decanter jar manufactured from about 1979 to 1982.  They originally came with a plastic top, one per box of 6, as well as jar lids and rings, but of course, those tops didn't last long.  My brother-in-law and his wife, Don and Bonnie, found these in Bonnie's parents' possessions.  I have kept them, wishing for some kind of lid like this.
I bought this funnel from a store, but they are also on the web.  It has marks for head space, a dark interior so it doesn't stain, and there is an inside rim, so it keeps your jar rim clean while filling, to eliminate that wiping-off step.  It fits both wide-mouth and regular mouth mason jars.
It's been awhile since I've seen any worth-while new products like these.


  1. Just last night I was wishing that they sold a lid that could pour. I like making homemade ranch in canning jars, but it always dumps out so fast. Darling!

  2. At what web site can I find the funnel? I was able to get the pour spouts but unable to find the funnel and I would so love to use it! I also appreciated your tip about wiping the rims with water/vinegar to remove grease when filling with meats. I can quite a bit of meat for my child's use when visiting friends - she has celiac also, and bringing her own meat or soup has made it so much easier to have overnights. I appreciate the recipes you have for celiacs. We have had to deal with it for the last 20 years and there have been so many changes and improvements since the start for us. Thank you. RSmith

    1. I found mine accidentally at TJMaxx. They are very seasonal so it's probably easiest to look at Amazon.I really like it because it fits both wide mouth and regular jars and is sturdier than my old plastic funnel.
      I bet your daughter would like the recipe we use for beef stew too. Our mother, Myrna and several other relatives are Celiac and it's certainly easier for adults than children to deal with the diet - it's not so important to them to fit in with their peers.

    2. Thank you - I'll check TJ's - you just never know what is available there. I guess I shouldn't call her a child since she is now 30, but she still enjoys Mom's canned products and I enjoy cooking for her. She still follows my rules of fresh fruit, fresh vegetables and fresh meat and we/she still don't have gluten products in the house. Thanks again, I appreciate the assistance. RSmith

  3. I found the funnel on Amazon, Sue will know where she bought hers. I am glad we can help some with your celiac child. We are not a celiac site as such, but I have it. Do be sure to read labels.


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