Our July Garden...

After 10 days or so of high 90's and 100's, our garden is recovering this week with mid 80's temps.  Our Better Bush tomatoes are ripening again, the Spacemaster cucumber is still producing enough for table eating, the Red Beauty peppers are finally turning red, the Big Bertha Pepper is starting to set on  a lot of green peppers, and the Double Peppermint petunias are recovering from the heat too.

We grow kitchen herbs too...they like the hot weather, except the parsley, which I keep in the shade now.  Starting from top left, clockwise:  Rosemary, Sage and chives, French thyme, basil and curly parsley.  We like herbs as pot plants...they bloom, they have nice texture and wonderful scents, and if I'm going to water, why not something you can eat too?
We are in a moderate to severe drought area this summer, as is much of the country, and that's when I appreciate having a small garden I can water and move around as needed. 

We love to bring that good summer eating to the table!

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  1. So pretty & lush! It's weird, one side of my garden is amazing while the other side is not doing anything :(


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