Sunday in Iowa

This is truly the first impression I ever had of Iowa - miles and miles of cornfields.
This photo was taken last Sunday on Highway 92 in southern Iowa.  The corn is tasseling right now, and badly needs rain.  This location got 4/10ths last week...not enough but helpful.  We saw plenty of corn that will need to be cut for silage as it's not "earing out", although my husband says it won't even make good silage without any ears.  Usually you can see the ears about half way up the stalks; we drove to Des Moines this week and couldn't see many, especially along the edges of the fields.  Iowa's crop report dropped from 66% good condition last week for corn to 36% this week; with a week of hot, dry weather ahead.  Soybeans are only 38% good condition now. 
If you see much higher prices at the meat counter and grocery store next year, this is why and the corn here looks much better than is some areas of Illinois and Indiana.  One ag guy pointed out that wheat will also be higher because of higher corn and soy bean prices.    
The goats were our Sunday surprise, just the two of them running through the pasture nearby, also very, very dry.

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