Kitchen Disasters

  I recently had a new recipe that I was trying fail. I really, really hate when that happens. Number one, is the waste of the ingredients. With groceries being so high now, that is hard on the budget. Number two and maybe more important to me is that I really like to cook and hate to have something not work. A matter of pride in my case. 
  I can remember when I was just learning to cook as a youngster having some disasters in the kitchen and a few now and than as a new bride. I had a lovely Mother-in-law who was one of the world's worst cooks, so anything I made was bound to be better. Great stuff for a young wife’s ego. 
  Though both Sue and I have cooked and baked for many years we still have a recipe fail. We both are good at reading a recipe and spotting where something might not work, but do not always catch the errors. Every recipe we put on the blog is tried by one or the other of us, and we will correct a error or technique that will not work. I think both of us are very aware of the cost in money and time that can be wasted with cooking failures.
  Just remember when you have that failure happen you are not alone, even cooks with many years of experience will have a disaster in the kitchen and it will not be the end of the world.

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  1. I really appreciate all of the hard work you put into your recipes. I pass them on to my Facebook friends because I know they are good and reliable. Keep up the good work.


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