Sunday in Iowa

The Grant Wood "American Gothic" House
in Eldon Iowa

This famous house sits in the original location in Eldon in Southeast Iowa.
In the "carpenter gothic" style, it is thought the homebuilders purchased the window from a Sears catalog.   It was completed in 1882.  There is now a small, very nice museum on the property.  The house is still in it's original location.  We didn't see the barn depicted in the painting - perhaps it was never there?

Grant Wood produced the iconic painting in 1930, after visiting Eldon the year before, and sketching the house and window on an envelope.

We decided we couldn't top the visitor's photos on the museum website.

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  1. Did you know that the house is currently occupied by fellow blogger and pie baker, and most recently book author, Beth Howard? On weekends during the summer (ended Labor Day) when visiting the American Gothic House museum, you can stop by the Pitchfork Pie Stand at the house to enjoy some pie!


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