Sunday in Iowa

This nice well-kept small barn is on the Highway 163 bypass in Monroe, Iowa


  1. When we go to the farm we take Hwy 14 from interstate 80 and at this bypass we see this barn and I always admire it as we pass.

  2. In the olden days there was a barn near here that people called the 'cupcake barn' because of its shape. In reference to it, an elderly gentleman said, "Those are the WORST kinds of barns for a man to have to work in because,... there's no good corner to 'pee in'!". As a life-long dairy farmer, I could understand him so perfectly! Okay,... I just couldn't resist sharing that because your beautiful picture took me right back to thinking of that guy who was so intelligent and had so many talents which he shared with anyone and everyone who could benefit.


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