Cook's Choice

Remember when you were in school, and the lunchroom menu would have something dubious, like Cook’s Choice or Casserole Surprise, on the menu?  
Well, Myrna and I are going rogue for the next three weeks, and posting some of our favorite recipes, and recipes we've wanted to try that don’t neatly fall into a category or cookbook.  We hope you’ll enjoy the adventure with us.

We are celebrating 3 years of blogging this week - we're still having fun!


  1. This will be fun! Can't wait to see what you come up with.

  2. Just a note to tell you both how much I enjoy your posts. I made the peanut butter oatmeal cookies. I added raisins and they were a big hit. Just right with a cup of tea.

  3. Our school meals were great, at home we used to have Friday Pie to use up all the leftover bits and bobs with onion gravy. Some times it was interesting.

  4. Congratulations! I enjoy your blog so very much and think of you sisters as long distance neighbors I am so grateful to have. I look forward to many more great recipes, photos, articles, and chats with you both.

    Best wishes on your anniversary!


  5. I remember chili, bbq, lasagne, all had GLOBS of peanut butter in them. I guess the gov't school program provided tons of the stuff, and our poor cafeteria cooks tried their best to hide it in anything spiced. I never blamed them, but sometimes it was hard to say yes to their offerings.

  6. Our school cook's favorite way to use leftovers was burnt peas in jello. I can still taste how awful they were!
    Yes, I think peanut butter was one of the gov. subsidies and peanut butter and white bread sandwiches were
    always on the school lunch menu.


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