Bake Sale Favorites

 Here's another book I picked up at a book sale, Bake Sale Favorites.  If you’re looking for a recipe from a box or label, or that really good recipe someone brought to share, they are often in books like this, where the recipes came from companies like Dole, Libby’s, Nestle and Toll House, Crisco, Nabisco, Hershey’s, Duncan Hines and more.
There are pies, cookies and bars, quick breads and muffins, cakes and some quick tricks with mixes, when you child comes home and tells you that he needs something for the soccer team bake sale in the morning!  

Here are recipes we tried from this book:

Chocolate Cheesecake Cupcakes

Deep Dark Chocolate Cake

Amaretto Coconut Cream Pie

No Fuss Bar Cookies

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