Treasured Recipes

  The cookbook we are using next was a gift from Bettie’s boss, who is one of my food tasters. He thoughtfully ordered one for me when he bought one for himself. A hint do you think? That's OK as I depend on him to help us eat up the miscues as well as the really excellent results.
  The recipe book, Treasured Recipes is put together by The First Christian Church, which started meeting as a church group in homes as early as 1846. The book lists a woman as the first pastor, 1897 Mrs Cory. Quite a departure for those times. The church is still going strong here and has a woman as an Associate pastor. Very liberal and enlightened congregation.
  While I am not a fan of this type of cookbook, as the recipes tend to not have good directions, it is always fun to see recipes from people you know and of course these recipes reflect the area and time we are living in.
  Sue and I found several to try, and have tried to update the directions so they will be easier to follow. The Sour Cream Peach Pie was a favorite of mine from the recipes I posted. What’s not to like, peaches and cream filling, Yum. 
Thanks Eric for the book and being one of my tasters.

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